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How Mining Businesses can Benefit with InsiteAI

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The implementation of Predictive Maintenance holds significant advantages within the mining industry, particularly through the integration of InsiteAI. Volta Insite offers real-time monitoring, empowering mining operators to identify potential issues promptly and address them before they escalate into significant problems. By harnessing data from mining operations and employing machine learning algorithms like InsiteAI, companies gain the capability to forecast equipment failures well in advance.
With mining operators facing a future of dwindling resources and the challenges presented by deeper mines, rising energy costs and infrastructure shortages, there has never been more pressure to improve efficiency and cut costs. Through predictive maintenance strategies, mining companies can mitigate the risk of unexpected failures, thereby safeguarding their investment and streamlining operational efficiency.
With Volta Insite, you can proactively monitor your equipment's performance in real-time, detect potential problems before they cause major damage, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs. This proactive stance not only minimizes operational disruptions but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement within the mining sector driving long-term success.
mining equipment performance monitoring

Making Operations Run Smoothly for Your Business

Enhanced Equipment Lifespan

Protect your critical equipment and achieve a better ROI on every asset.

Optimal Energy Use

Benefit from real-time monitoring to ensure energy efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce downtimes and keep your operation running smoothly.

What Our Partners Say

Image of motor about testimony on several current single-phase events
"Our site saw several current single-phase events. The utility stated it was not on their side, but Volta InsiteAI showed otherwise. This helped prove that the power feed was the culprit and impacting our operations. Since we switched to the new transformer we have not had this issue again."
- J.H.
Applications Engineer
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Faults We Have Predicted With InsiteAI

Exceeding Max Starts per Hour

Loose Belt Condition
Contactor Degradation
Under Voltage Condition
Current THD
Power Drop
Voltage THD
VFD Faults
Distribution Ground Fault
Over Current Event
Phase Loss
Voltage Imbalance
Current Imbalance
Bearing Wear/Failure
Utility Power Quality
Increased Number Of Events
Intermittent Ground Faults
Rotor Bar Failure

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