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Healthcare Predictive Maintenance

Healthcare facilities and hospitals are increasingly turning to predictive maintenance solutions to enhance the reliability and efficiency of their critical equipment. Volta Insite stands out as a valuable partner in the healthcare industry by offering services that bring significant benefits. Specifically, InsiteAI excels in monitoring chilled water systems, including cooling towers and chiller systems, as well as large air handling equipment crucial for emergency rooms.
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The Unique Challenges of Healthcare Facilities

Continuous operation puts pressure on maintenance teams:
The unique value proposition of Volta Insite becomes apparent in addressing the challenge of regular preventive maintenance for equipment that operates continuously, such as those found in emergency rooms. It is often challenging to perform routine maintenance on these critical components due to their constant usage. However, insiteAI's advanced predictive maintenance technology allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of these systems, enabling timely identification of potential issues before they escalate.
InsiteAI is able to monitor operational efficiency and also contributes to a more reliable environment infrastructure. Volta Insite's focus on addressing the unique needs of healthcare infrastructure makes it an ideal solution for maintaining the integrity and functionality of vital equipment within hospitals and healthcare facilities.
Making Operations Run Smoothly for Your Business
Enhanced Equipment Lifespan
Protect your critical equipment and achieve a better ROI on every asset.
Optimal Energy Use
Benefit from real-time monitoring to ensure energy efficiency.
Predictive Maintenance
Reduce downtimes and keep your operation running smoothly.
What Our Partners Say
"Our site saw several current single-phase events. The utility stated it was not on their side, but Volta InsiteAI showed otherwise. This helped prove that the power feed was the culprit and impacting our operations. Since we switched to the new transformer we have not had this issue again."
- J.H.
Applications Engineer
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Faults We Have Predicted With InsiteAI

Exceeding Max Starts per Hour

Loose Belt Condition
Contactor Degradation
Under Voltage Condition
Current THD
Power Drop
Voltage THD
VFD Faults
Distribution Ground Fault
Over Current Event
Phase Loss
Voltage Imbalance
Current Imbalance
Bearing Wear/Failure
Utility Power Quality
Increased Number Of Events
Intermittent Ground Faults
Rotor Bar Failure

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