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Frequently Asked Questions for Volta Insite, Your Predictive Maintenance Provider

Everything you need to know about Volta Insite™
What sorts of equipment can we monitor?

Is it possible to create custom or new alerts based on my application?

What are the power consumption numbers for Node/VI Module?

What is the operating temperature range?

Is the Node powered via POE?

What are the network requirements?

What are the typical network bandwidth requirements?

Which browser does Volta UI support?

Are there installation videos to help?

How many Nodes do I need for my equipment?

What is the difference between the Node and the Module?

Can I move a node from one piece of equipment to another?

Can I start with a few Nodes and add more over time?

Can it be installed live?

Does this system tie into my BMS/BAS system?

How do we get notified of any issues?

Can I subscribe for the alerts directly?