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Harnessing the Power of Predictive Analytics

In the fast-paced world of modern industries, unexpected equipment breakdowns can lead to costly disruptions and lost productivity. But what if businesses could anticipate these breakdowns before they happen? Enter predictive maintenance, a cutting-edge approach that revolutionizes the way companies manage their equipment.


Fueled by Innovation, Driven by Excellence

At the heart of Volta Insite is a team of dedicated professionals—engineers, data scientists, and industry experts—all driven by a shared passion for innovation and excellence.
Denis Kouroussis, CEO of Volta Insite, the predictive maintenance provider
Denis Kouroussis
With a passion for innovation and a vision for an electrified future, Denis Kouroussis founded Volta Energy, driven by his fascination with Tesla and electric cars...
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Daniel Montbriand, COO of Volta Insite
Daniel Montbriand
Daniel, the Chief Operating Officer at Volta Insite, originally joined the company as its founding investor, inspired by Denis's vision of an electrified future...
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Karim Shaikh, CTO of Volta Insite
Karim Shaikh
Karim, a distinguished technology leader, joined Volta Insite as the Chief Technology Officer in early 2024...
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John Chisholm, CFO of Volta Insite
John Chisholm
John is the Chief Financial Officer at Volta Insite and Volta Energy, a strategic addition to our leadership team who joined us at the beginning of 2023...
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Karl Lindstrom, Architect and VP of Technology at Volta Insite
Karl Lindstrom
Architect/VP Technology
Karl attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)...
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Howie Barber, VP of Operations at Volta Insite
Howie Barber
VP Operations
Howie is our VP of Operations at Volta Insite where he launched the Charlotte based facility and brought in an amazing array of talent to staff the new location...
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George Galea, VP Technical Services at Volta Insite, the power quality monitoring solution
George Galea
VP Technical Services
George Galea, our Vice President Of Technical Services, is a highly experienced Electronics Engineering Technician with a diverse and accomplished career...
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Lauren Hilton, Director of Business Development at Volta Insite
Lauren Hilton
Director of Business Development
Lauren hails from Spartanburg, South Carolina and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport and Entertainment Management from the University of South Carolina...
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Taylor Santore, Applications Engineer at Volta Insite
Taylor Santore
Applications Engineer
An accomplished Applications Engineer who joined Volta Insite in 2023, Taylor spearheads mechanical design, testing, and customer applications...
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Larry Brooks, Quality Engineer at Volta Insite
Larry Brooks
Quality Engineer
Larry Brooks is a seasoned Quality Engineer at Volta Insite, bringing over 20 years of experience in Quality, Manufacturing, and R&D...
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Alex Yang, Mechanical Engineer at Volta Insite
Alex Yang
Mechanical Engineer
Alex brings a blend of technical expertise and hands-on experience as a mechanical engineer to the Volta Insite team...
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Sean Robillard, Operations Lead at Volta Insite
Sean Robillard
Operations Lead
Sean is a versatile professional with associate degrees in Electronics and Computer Technology and Automotive Science...
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Bridging Power Solutions Worldwide

Volta takes its name from Alessandro Volta, the Italian physicist, and pioneer of electricity and power. Alessandro Volta was the first electrical engineer, in a sense, because he put the first battery pack together.

Volta Insite began to tackle real-world manufacturing issues through consulting work fixing motor issues and other related production challenges. Through the consulting, we realized how impactful the solution of electrical signal analysis would be and that’s where Volta Insite was born.

In a world where operational efficiency is paramount, staying ahead of equipment failures is a game-changer. Thanks to the powerful combination of real-time alerts and advanced analytics, businesses now have the tools they need to predict and prevent potential disruptions before they occur.

By leveraging backend analytics and real-time alerts, businesses gain insights into the health of their equipment like never before. From detecting belt degradations in mechanical systems to identifying contactor-type faults and ground faults in electrical distribution systems, the scope of possibilities is almost endless.

The impact of InsiteAI goes beyond mere detection. By providing early warnings and actionable insights, businesses can proactively manage equipment failures, optimize maintenance schedules, and ensure seamless operations. In a rapidly changing landscape, this transformative approach empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions that result in enhanced reliability and productivity.

Denis Kouroussis, CEO of Volta Insite, next to the statue of Alessandro Volta in Como, Italy
Denis Kouroussis, CEO of Volta Insite, next to the statue of Alessandro Volta in Como, Italy


Unleash the Power of Electrical Insights for Safety, Efficiency, and Performance

Our mission is zero unexpected downtime and lower operating costs for our customers.

We offer a full stack IoT platform based on our own automated intelligence - InsiteAI - for continuous monitoring of your electrical assets. We offer real-time operations monitoring; tactical, predictive and targeted preventive maintenance, and long-term strategic asset management.

At Volta Insite, we take a proactive approach that emphasizes uninterrupted operations with the goal of zero unexpected downtime. With InsiteAI, your business' infrastructure isn't left to chance, you can trust us to give you the tools you need to optimize performance and longevity of your assets. Investing a small amount today could save you hundreds of thousands annually and prevent any breaks in your production line.

Full stack IoT platform based on Volta Insite's automated intelligence

For Your Peace of Mind

As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in electrical asset management, we invite you to be part of our story. Let us help you explore our solutions, join our community, and sleep better at night knowing your assets are covered.
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